Barbara Strozzi: New Recording with Emőke Baráth and Francesco Corti


The Venetian singer and composer Barbara Strozzi (1619-1677) was probably the most remarkable, talented, famous and successful woman of her times in the field of music. In 2019 we will celebrate its 400th anniversary with a new program performed by soprano Emöke Baráth under the direction of Francesco Corti, our new principal guest conductor.

The album, Voglio Cantar, will present some of her most beautiful compositions for soprano, some works by her teacher Francesco Cavalli, and a delightful variety of contemporary instrumental pieces, and it will be published by Erato on January 18, 2019.

Barbara Strozzi grew up in a household frequented by illustrious intellectuals. In the year 1637 her father founded an academy exclusively focused on music, the ‚accademia degli unisoni’ – which was not only hosted and presided over by Barbara, but also became her stage to perform her own music. She received her musical education from Francesco Cavalli, who then worked in various important musical positions in Venice and was about to launch his career as an opera composer.

Barbara Strozzi published a significant number of music: 8 volumes of madrigals, arias, ariettas, canzoni – including one volume of sacred music. Most of the compositions are focused on the soprano voice, displaying its pure beauty in lyrical melodies. The only painted (supposed) portrait of Barbara Strozzi shows her as a musician in quite a lascivious pose, presenting the then typical association of female musician and courtesan. Barbara Strozzi died in Padova in the year 1677 under unknown circumstances.


New album: La Doriclea


Alessandro Stradella’s opera ‘La Doriclea’ directed by Andrea De Carlo. 

Composed by Stradella in 1681 to cheer the summer evenings of the Genoese nobility, La Doriclea is probably the last masterpiece of the great composer of Nepi, who died in Genoa in February 1682, stabbed to death in the street by a professional hitman.

Love, betrayal, ambiguities, mistaken identity, disguise, duels: La Doriclea appears to prefigure numerous conventions of the later heydays of opera. It is subtle and entertaining at the same time, combines refined reflections with moving laments and is in parts irresistibly comic. The buffo arias with their speedy text declamation anticipate Rossini’s style, and the entry of Giraldo propels us towards Don Giovanni’s Leporello.

The recording has been produced by Outhere Music, and is released on Arcana.


Andrea De Carlo

The recording of La Doriclea is directed by Andrea De Carlo, who leads The STRADELLA PROJECT, an innovative and ambitious initiative dedicated to the works of Alessandro Stradella. The first three volumes of the collection have been received with enthusiasm from international critic. In 2013 De Carlo created the International Festival Alessandro Stradella in Nepi (Italy), of which he is artistic director.

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The cast of the album: Emoke Barath (Doriclea), Xavier Sabata (Fidalbo), Giuseppina Bridelli (Lucinda), Luca Cervoni (Celindo), Gabriella Martellacci (Delfina) and Riccardo Novaro (Giraldo).

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